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    Surrounding factories with green spaces and reducing the release of pollutants are just two ways NTG incorporates green values into its work. The decision to invest in the green market, specifically in wastewater treatment, was a natural step for the company, as working in harmony with the environment is a constant at NTG.
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    In line with its leadership role in numerous markets, Nassar Techno Group is constantly researching ways to improve its capacity, production quality and efficiency for the future of the company, its clients and the environment.
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    Nassar Techno Group bets on the potential of new employees. This is why each new recruit is mentored by veteran employees, who instill within them NTG’s vision and corporate culture. This mixture of experience and freshness gives NTG its commercial edge.
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    The founders of NTG based their project on the love of innovation. Every new product has to display a marked improvement on any similar technologies on the market. This mentality is what makes NTG such a pioneer in the industry.
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NDG eau
NDG eau
NDG water products are manufactured at Nassar Techno Group.
Discover NDG eau, the group’s French subsidiary.
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