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What are the benefits of the NTG tanks?

Quality, warranty and service.


  • Robust stress-resistant body: no cracking (leak proof monocoque)
  • Robust weather-resistant skin: no corrosion
  • Robust lower body: safe underground and above 
  • Robust structural integrity: uniform wall, consistent thickness & balanced weight


  • Maintains water purity and freshness: UV stabilized
  • Maintains water temperature and pressure: foam thermal insulation
  • Maintains water hygienic and odorless: colorants free, tested FDA approved
  • Maintains dust protection: airtight screwable lid


  • Easy to connect: embedded outlet 
  • Easy to transport: lightweight
  • Easy to install: stable
  • Easy to use: overflow configurations
How can we be a distributor?
  • Present the company profile and official documents.
  • Specify the experience in water treatment.
  • Have own team for technical support.

For all details:

Terms and Conditions*:

We do not establish a contract with our partners though from the get go as we prefer to transact with them for a while before.

The prerequisites for representing us are:

  • Being able to establish letter of credits to import our products (or through cash transfer)
  • Have a space to store our products (and spare parts)
  • Accept to be trained by so to provide technical support for our products and solutions (design, installation, maintenance, support)
  • Effectively develop the national market (volumes, communication, events etc.)

NTG’s input:

  • Technical back-up for the distributor.
  • We provide also discounts to partners 25% for credit payments and 28% for cash payments. Once an exclusive contract is signed we can provide an additional special discount.
  • We can ship to any port you deem practical for you (ships leaving every week, time to be confirmed).
  • Minimum order quantities: one container which can contain 5 stations XXS (8 EH).
  • A visit to our plant can be scheduled at your convenience once we mutually agree.

PS. If you have a description of your company in English, French or Arabic it would help as well (E-mail).

What are the parts of the plant or equipments that must be periodically replaced?
  • Air blower filter: every 8 – 12 months.
  • Air blower membrane: every 48 months.
  • Air blower: every 7 years.
  • Control panel: every 10 years
Are NTG tanks guaranteed? If yes, at what conditions the warranty is applicable?

Yes, limited warranty is applicable depending on tanks types (10 to 20-year warranty)

Where are the NDG plants already installed?

The NDG treatment plants are installed worldwide in America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Can soap or toilet paper be a problem for the plant?

Domestic use of soap and toilet papers do not present problem to the plant. However, the excess elimination and discarding of toilet paper and other sanitary objects may clog the pipes and present some backflow problems.

What are the prices and payment facilities?

As per price list and exclusive facilities for NTG dealers.

Where are the NDG’s dealers available worldwide?
If bleach and ammonia are used to clean the floor, can this be a problem for the plant?

Domestic use of bleach or any other detergent has no effect on the treatment efficiency of the plant.

What are NTG general delivery conditions?

48 hours within Beirut and 72 hours outside Beirut (depending on the quantity requested and truck routing).

How can we receive an offer, brochures and business terms?

NTG Export Department, Contact: Tel. Email. Fax.

What happens if accidentally maximum capacity of the plant is exceeded?

If at any time there is an overload of the maximum capacity of the plant, the treatment efficiency will be reduced and the effluent quality will deteriorate.

What are the available sizes and dimensions?

As per catalogue and website (Products section): up to 22,000 L.

What are the shipping terms you apply?

We can deliver FOB port or CIP to the specified port of destination by the customer, according the Incoterms 2010.

How much sludge must be produced until you have to remove it?

The sludge quantity must be equal to 30% - 50% of the total volume of the settlement compartment before removal.

What are the tanks shapes?

Cylindrical, Horizontal, Special.