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The Passion of one man: founded by the visionary Jacques Nassar in 1965, Nassar Techno Group is a key leader in the water technology industry.

Nassar Techno Group was founded in Lebanon to develop and export industrial products and know-how. It specializes in products that are based on a heritage of efficiency and sustainability. Founder Jacques Nassar’s main challenge was to build a business environment fueled by creation and technical innovation. 



NTG – Quality Matters
NTG builds best-in-class water solutions, such as: Triple-Layer Tanks, Modular Tanks, Wastewater Plants, Rainwater Stations, and many more …

NTG Creates . NTG Delivers
As a true international group focused on quality for more than 30 years now, NTG is a trailblazer of pioneering solutions. Likewise, the group’s strategic R&D platform based in Germany uniquely leverages its delocalized manufacturing force.

NTG Creates: Sustainable, Versatile and Unmatched products!

  • Sustainable Innovations: that are truly ecological and market certified (ISO, DIN, NF, EU)
  • Versatile Offer: 360-degree integrated, catering to total habitat requirements
  • Unmatched Portfolio: with market shaping sector solutions

NTG includes a modern production facility with a proactive infrastructure. Its wide network of dealers sells more than 250,000 products yearly. Dealers who promote, re-sell, install and service NTG products across the globe.

NTG Delivers: Operational Efficiency and Distribution Excellence for a Global Presence!

  • Operational Efficiency: results focused through sustained growth, better margins, and stocks efficiency
  • Distribution Excellence: empowered by multi-channel communication, optimal logistics, and unparalleled support
  • Global Presence: with an institutionalized import-export set-up for cross-continental reach



NTG, a market leader in the industry, develops innovative sanitation and water storage patented products that have been FDA and DIN certified with, and that have been exhibited at international fairs such as IFAT in Germany, Assises Nationales, Batimat and Pollutec in France, Aquatec in the Netherlands, and the Big Five in the UAE.

NTG products have received as well the highest environmental certifications: French Ministerial Approval, Research and Certifications from prestigious research institutions : the Universities of Stuttgart, Weimar, and Aachen in Germany.

The group also received the ISO 9001 rating in 1998, and has received numerous awards, among which, the Platinum Management Award from the Business Initiative Directions association in Geneva in 2000.

NTG holds as well international patents for its products in the Middle East and Europe and display impressive tests results ensuring among other things, thermal insulation and great resistance to underground pressure:

  • Vertical Load Test (under 161 KN), Load Test Under High  
  • Water Table Level, Impermeability Test and Performance Test


Culture (P is for Passion)

Purpose: by inspiring sustainable breakthrough innovations which build a better world.

Performance: by a professional market approach focused on results at every level.

People: by equipping employees for growth while fostering a positive team spirit.