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Oil Separation

NDG’s Oil Separator can be used to separate oil-derivate carbohydrates such as fuel oil, diesel and lubricant oils, as well as washed-up oils from parking lots, petrol stations, oil mills and other light industries. The oil mixed effluent enters the first compartment through a dip-pipe to help separate any solid impurities from the oil mixed effluent. This operation helps the effluent stay in the emulsion stage. Then the effluent passes to the second compartment, where the opening of the pipe is located under a honeycomb-shaped plastic mesh.  This mesh reduces the velocity of the incoming effluent flow, helping the separation to take place. Because of the difference in density between oil and water, the oil floats to the surface, and the water remains at the bottom. When the oil level reaches the outlet opening, it is then collected for discharge.


Rain Water Collection

The optimized unit for rainwater collection.

Our new technology can easily be installed underground, in the basement, garage or in the ground floor utility room. With NDG Rain Water System, the collected rainwater passes through the rainwater filter, also known as the hydraulic jump filter, is the innovation for roof areas ranging from 60m² to more than 15.000m². This hydraulic jump technology cleans itself automatically. 

The rainwater is pumped from a tank via a suction hose and is used internally for toilet flushing, in the washing machine and externally for watering the garden. The water volume is monitored by a fill level indicator.


Large Scale Storage
  • Underground And Above Ground Installation 
  • Minimum Capacity Starting At 7,000 Liters 
  • Unlimited Capacity With Its Multi-Stage Assembly
  • Guaranteed Polyethylene Quality And Strength


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